School Services
East Trentham - Kyneton


Service provided by Public Transport Victoria

Schools Serviced:

Kyneton SC
Sacred Heart College
Kyneton PS (change bus at Kyneton SC interchange)
Our Lady of the Rosary (change bus at Kyneton SC interchange)
Tylden PS
Timetable (AM):
Time   –  Stop Location
7:57am - James Lane & Rippers Lane (Fern Hill)
8:00am - 404 James Lane
8:04am - James Lane (Fern Hill)
8:06am - James Lane & O'Connells Road(before O'Connells Road)
8:07am - James Lane & O'Connells Road
8:09am - Gleeds Lane & O'Connells Road
8:10am - Pearsons Lane (near Gleeds Lane)
8:13am - Chanters Lane & Ashbourne Road
8:16am - Thistledome, Chanters Lane
8:19am - Chanters Lane (Mt View Stop)
8:22am - Tylden-Woodend Road & Harpers Lane
8:24am - Tylden PS
8:28am - Kyneton-Trentham Road (near Premier Mine Road)
8:32am - Kyneton-Trentham Road (near Central Road)
Timetable (PM):
Time   –  Stop Location
3:47pm - Kyneton Railway Station
3:50pm - Kyneton-Trentham Road (near Premier Mine Road)
3:51pm - Tylden PS
3:54pm - Tylden-Woodend Road & Harpers Lane
3:59pm - Chanters Lane (Mt View Stop)
4:01pm - Thistledome, Chanters Lane
4:02pm - Chanters Lane & Ashbourne Road
4:04pm - Pearsons Lane (near Gleeds Lane)
4:10pm - Pig & Whistle Hotel (East Trentham)
4:12pm - Pearsons Road (near Gleeds Lane)
4:14pm - James Lane & O'Connells Road
4:17pm - Gleeds Lane & O'Connells Road
4:23pm - James Lane (Fern Hill)
4:25pm - James Lane & Rippers Lane (Fern Hill)
4:24pm - James Lane & Rippers Lane
Last Updated: 4-Aug-2016


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