School Services
Riddells Creek - Sacred Heart College


Semester fare charged per student.

This service is operated by Sunbury Coaches. Contact Sacred Heart College or Sunbury Coaches for further information.

Schools Serviced:

Sacred Heart College

Timetable (AM):
Time   –  Stop Location
7:32am - Main Rd (Amess Road)
7:35am - 65 Gyro Close (Meadowbrook Way)
7:37am - 135 Gyro Close
7:39am - 195 Gyro Close (Argent Close)
7:40am - Gyro Close (Sandy Creek Road)
7:43am - Somerville Road (Gibson Court)
7:44am - Bolitho Road (Whittaker Street)
7:45am - Bolitho Road (Mahoney Street)
7:49am - Campbells Road (Riddell Road)
7:51am - Campbells Road (Peters Road)
7:52am - Macedon Close (Kilmore Road)
7:53am - Pierce Road (Kilmore Road)
7:55am - 308 Hamilton Road
7:56am - 272 Hamilton Road
8:00am - Honour Avenue, Macedon (change to Organ's bus)
Timetable (PM):
Time   –  Stop Location
4:12pm - Honour Avenue, Macedon (change from Organ's bus)
4:17pm - 272 Hamilton Road
4:18pm - 308 Hamilton Road
4:21pm - Pierce Road (Kilmore Rd)
4:22pm - Macedon Close (Kilmore Rd)
4:23pm - Campbells Road (Peters Road)
4:25pm - Campbells Road (Riddell Road)
4:27pm - Kilmore Road (Merrifield Street)
4:28pm - Kilmore Road (Gap Road)
4:29pm - Kilmore Road (Edwards Street)
4:30pm - Kilmore Road (Amess Road)
4:31pm - 65 Gyro Close (Meadowbrook Way)
4:32pm - 135 Gyro Close
4:35pm - 195 Gyro Close (Argent Close)
4:37pm - Gyro Close (Sandy Creek Road)
Last Updated: 22-Nov-2017

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